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Our mission: to find the right grower and buyer for every batch of onions

Trading platform for onions has been a well-known trading platform for buying and selling onions for years. At the beginning of 2024, we upgraded with an expert team. Since then, we have been the neutral onion broker for growers and buyers. Six mediators crisscross the Netherlands to advise buyers and sellers, inspect batches of onions, and provide optimal service. Additionally, we have added a back office for optimal accessibility and service. Our team has extensive experience in the onion trade and uses it optimally to support you. Since does not take its own position, we are always neutral.

Impartial mediator in onions

In addition to these new developments, you can still buy and sell your batches of onions with us. Register your request or offer with one of our mediators, and they will find the right batch for you. You can also place your onions on our Trade Platform. Create a free account at Through this account, you can view the offerings as a buyer and offer your batch of onions as a seller on the trading platform. The mediators and back office of then bring together supply and demand. We maintain a neutral position between buyer and seller, ensuring you get or pay a fair price.

Information via WhatsApp

The global market continuously influences the trade in onions. At, we therefore strive to consistently provide reliable information about the market, developments, and expectations, based on trustworthy sources. Stay informed via our News Page and register for free for our WhatsApp Alert. With this service, you will regularly receive news and updates about the onion market, price indications, and ongoing bids. You can also ask us questions via the WhatsApp number. At, you are our focus. It is our mission to find the right grower and buyer for every batch of onions.

The 6 Guarantees of

  • does not have its own position and is therefore always neutral
  • You always receive or pay the best price
  • Personal approach with mediators and backoffice
  • Nationwide coverage
  • The latest news via Whatsapp
  • Also for high-quality onion seeds